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    Melissa Cavanaugh, LPC

    Since earning her Masters Degree in Counselor Education through the CACREP Accredited program at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Melissa Cavanaugh has been helping her community find clarity and balance. Melissa is focused on helping the youth through a mix of direct and non-direct play therapy, as well as adults through facilitating meaningful therapeutic relationships. Her eclectic approach enables her to adapt to each of her clients’ unique needs and situations.

    In Melissa’s practice, she offers substantial guidance while also enforcing the fact that “You are the expert of yourself.” Melissa combines her passion for her work and empathetic nature to bring those she works with unconditional positive regard. Melissa chooses to base her therapy on one’s strengths, focusing on positive characteristics and behaviors to lay the groundwork for coping with potential maladaptive behaviors. She strives to create a safe space where it is easy to explore your past, present, and future, digging deep to unlock a part of themselves they have not met and find understanding from within.

    Melissa Cavanaugh is certified in Telehealth and is pursuing a Registered Play Therapy Certification. She is well versed in a plethora of concentrations, including depression, anxiety, family conflict, substance abuse, and more. She is well equipped to take on children as young as three years old, setting them up for a healthy and stable childhood. Though Melissa works with individuals of any age, as she is able to deep dive into a plethora of issues.

    Melissa says, “The first call is the hardest part. Do not be fearful of asking questions and finding the right fit. It is so important to facilitate a true connection. If I am not the right person to help you along your journey, I will find someone that is.”

    State Licensure

    • Louisiana
    • Washington
    • Maine