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    Marissa Falicki, LPC

    Marissa Falicki attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Counselor Education. She feels that her true purpose is to help others; her approach in her practice is incredibly sincere. For over four years, Marissa has been facilitating strong relationships with her clients, leading them to healthier mindsets and happier lives. Marissa is gentle yet encouraging, walking alongside those she works with while they navigate life’s most challenging moments.

    Marissa believes that the therapeutic relationship she builds with you is most important. She applies her expertise to a variety of different situations one may encounter. Her focus ranges from children and adolescents with special needs or behavioral problems, adults and couples with relationship struggles, and individuals experiencing anxiety, stress, anger, depression, and other mental health issues. She understands that seeking help can be intimidating, and she wants her clients to know that taking that first step and reaching out will open up a door to so many positive possibilities.

    Marissa has witnessed her clients experience exponential growth through their sessions. The change that happens in front of her eyes will never cease to amaze and motivate her. Marissa incorporates various approaches in her practice, such as cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, and reality/choice theory. She adapts her practice for every client, as each individual comes with a unique situation.

    Marissa says, “I believe that there are solutions to life’s hardships, and it is possible to find those solutions with a little help.” If you seek to increase your self-awareness, confidence, and self-esteem, Marissa Falicki is here to empower you with a therapy session.