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    Anna Juarez, PLPC

    Hi! My name’s Anna. As a mental health counselor, my goal is to provide a space that allows you to feel safe to be your most vulnerable and authentic self with the hope of allowing you to live a life of freedom and fulfillment. I believe the therapeutic relationship is the foundation to a successful and healthy counseling experience. I view this relationship as collaborative; while the client is the expert on their own life, the counselor exists to provide objective perspective and guidance. Whether you are facing a difficult life transition, the effects of trauma, or symptoms of depression and anxiety – I am here to help you navigate the things that might feel impossible to conquer. I also understand that confronting your own struggles, whether past or present, can be uncomfortable and challenging. I would be honored for you to teach me what it’s like to be you and allow me to walk with you through your journey of healing and growth.

    What does a therapy session with me look like? I’m glad you asked! I tend to take an eclectic approach to counseling, as I believe individualized treatment is essential. Each client has their own background, cultural experiences, mental health struggles and personality. No one approach works for each client, and no one walks the same path. While one client might prefer talk-therapy, other clients might benefit from a more experiential or mindfulness-based approach.

    I earned my master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I am currently provisionally licensed in the state of Louisiana, and I see clients ages 13+. As I work to become a fully Licensed Professional Counselor, I am taking steps to specialize in trauma therapy. I am certified in EMDR therapy to be able to provide a more intensive trauma treatment for my clients. I am excited to be offering this service!

    Please, don’t be a stranger! When you are ready, reach out so you can chat with us about getting you started with your counseling journey.