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    Peter Barrilleaux, RAC

    Peter Barrilleaux offers his counseling services for individuals looking for a safe place to work towards their goals and aspirations without fear of being judged or misled. For over two decades, Peter has involved himself in the field of substance abuse. He has extensive experience working in residential treatment centers, extended care programs, intensive outpatient programs, and private practice.

    Peter began his organic path to helping others following his education at the University of Louisiana Lafayette, where he studied Psychology. Peter also completed the course hosted by the Louisiana Association of Substance Abuse Counselors and Trainers. Shortly after, he became a Registered Addiction Counselor; he is well qualified to provide sufficient resources and support to all those affected by addiction, including the friends and family members of those suffering.

    Peter can incorporate several approaches in his practice with an understanding that each case is unique and requires his full attention and flexibility. He offers group counseling, rational emotive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and a cognitive-behavioral approach in his practice.

    Peter emphasizes, “I am here to assist my clients in moving from resistance to rapport, bridging the gap from addiction to recovery. I will walk you through your most challenging encounters and support you to take on your journey with dignity and grace.” He wants those struggling to know that they are never truly alone. Peter has a strong passion for guiding others towards progress and independence, unlocking the incredible potential that they may feel is unattainable. Discovering a solution to addictive thinking and behavior is possible with the help of Peter Barrilleaux.