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    Marissa Pitt, PLPC

    Hi! I’m Marissa and here is a little about me! I am a Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselor here at Counseling and Recovery Guidance. I graduated with my first Master’s degree in General Psychology from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and received my second Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

    I am passionate about being the support someone needs to find their voice when it comes to their mental health and being an advocate for themselves. As your counselor, I strive to make your therapeutic journey individualistic, creative, and beneficial to your life. It is my goal to provide you with a space to be able to express yourself freely and have the comfortability to explore your vulnerabilities. Exploring new pathways and perspectives can be a fearful and an uncomfortable thing to do alone. I am here to be that guidance and support that you need to take a step towards those new avenues with you being in the role of the expert. I see the counseling relationship as a collaboration between myself and you, the client. Through our journey together, we will build a trusting relationship in which we work together to build your self-awareness and skills and talk about the hardships in your life. I am here to walk with you through your self-exploration and in a unique and positive way.

    I currently see clients from ages 4 years old and above. As your counselor, I want to make your therapeutic journey unique to your needs and goals. Some clients enjoy just talking while others enjoy creating. I like to utilize creative interventions, experiential approaches, and play and art therapy within my sessions. I will also be taking the steps to provide EMDR therapy to focus on trauma. I currently provide individual, couples, and group therapy.