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    Consultation for professional mental health counselors involves seeking guidance, advice, or collaboration from another experienced mental health professional or a group of professionals. This process is designed to enhance the quality of care provided by the counselor, ensure ethical and effective practices, and promote ongoing professional development.

    At Counseling and Recovery Guidance, we have recurring monthly consultation groups that are open to other clinicians in the area.

    Clinical Consultation Group

    Our clinical consultation group is run by Rebekah Daugereaux, LPC-S. Mental health counselors often participate in case consultations, where they discuss specific cases with colleagues or supervisors. This collaborative approach allows for different perspectives and insights, contributing to more comprehensive and effective treatment plans. Rebekah is an experienced counselor and supervisor who has a wealth of knowledge about case conceptualization.

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    Experiential Consultation Group

    Our experiential consultation group is run by Jessica Gibson, LPS-S. Her experiential consultation group is designed to be an interactive and participatory experience. She believes in the strength of learning by doing, and each session will incorporate experiential exercises, case studies, and group discussions to deepen our collective understanding of therapeutic techniques and approaches. Jessica is a seasoned counselor and supervisor with expertise in experiential therapy and a passion for fostering a supportive learning community.

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    Play Skills Consultation Group

    Our play therapy consultation group is run by Melissa Cavanaugh, LPC-S. In this consultation group, participants will discuss the profound impact of play therapy on clients across various ages and presenting issues. The sessions will be a blend of experiential learning, case discussions, and collaborative exploration of diverse play therapy modalities. Melissa is a compassionate play therapist with a commitment to nurturing the emotional well-being of children and families.

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