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  • Caleb Boulet, Counselor Intern

    Hey there, I’m Caleb. During my childhood, I always dreamt of one day becoming an architect. I received my bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. After graduation, I moved to New Orleans, with the intention of evolving my career in architecture. Life happened. Unexpected things occurred. I realized I needed help. I began seeing a counselor, who helped me to change my perspective on life. I learned a lot about self-awareness and made the decision to take a huge leap in a different direction. Fast forward to today – I’m a graduate student, studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. My theoretical orientation is still under construction; however, I find myself to be a mixture of individualistic theories: person-centered, solution focused, and strengths based. I value the therapeutic relationship, committed to providing a non-judgmental space for my clients to feel safe. Let me meet you where you are, where I can help you in exploring, healing, and growing – all from a new perspective.