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    Zach Smith, Counselor Intern

    Zachary is a counselor-intern specializing in assisting individuals, couples, and families in navigating their unique challenges. He offers a safe and compassionate space for exploration, healing, and growth. Zachary guides clients in exploring their concerns, identifying patterns, and working towards practical and sustainable solutions. He strives to establish a collaborative, therapeutic relationship built on trust and respect, empowering clients to navigate their journey of healing and personal growth.

    As an integrative therapist, Zach tailors his approach to the specific needs of each client, drawing from various therapeutic models. Zachary…

    • utilizes a family systems approach, understanding the complexities of relationships and the importance of fostering healthy dynamics within families and all kinds of interpersonal relationships.
    • emphasizes multicultural and feminist counseling in his work, embracing diversity and seeking to understand the unique challenges faced by individuals from various cultural backgrounds and positionalities.
    • is trauma-informed, recognizing the impact of trauma on clients’ lives and relationships.
    • frequently adopts the framework of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, encouraging clients to live a mindful, accepting life in accordance with their values.
    • pulls from existential therapies, which focus on the discovery and creation of meaning.

    Zach is open to seeing couples and families of all shapes and sizes, as well as individuals 17 and up. He would be thrilled to help you live a life that is meaningful, healthy, and sustainable.