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    Cammie Porter, PLPC

    It’s hard being a human, and there’s something so very fulfilling to me about connecting with other brave humans that are doing their best to live fully. My many years of education and training have ultimately led me to earning a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health counseling that lets me help others meet their mental health needs. As a counselor and mother, I’m passionate about working with children (4+), teens, and families through child-centered play therapy and filial family therapy services. I offer caregiver support by teaching basic child-centered play therapy skills to help caregivers maintain a life-long, supportive relationship with their child.

    I’m currently working to pursue my registered play therapy credential, and have experience working with children and teens impacted by trauma, adjustment related issues, ADHD, anger issues, low self-esteem, anxiety, and history of family substance abuse. However, my clientele is not limited by age group. I enjoy working with adults from all walks of life who may be dealing with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, daily stressors, etc. I pull from cognitive-based therapies and operate from a strengths-based perspective to help my client’s focus on their strengths and resources.

    It’s okay to lean on others. As humans, we seek connection, and it’s really easy to convince ourselves that what we are carrying is not worthy of support. Having extra support during our most challenging times can be life-changing. If you have any questions about what the counseling process can look like for you, I encourage you to reach out and chat with me.