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    Mike Larson, PLPC

    Hi! I am a husband, father, counselor, rock n’ roller, teacher, baseball coach, and actor. I enjoy SCUBA, weight-lifting, hiking, guitar, piano, traveling, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, and just about anything that’s fun! I am an explorer of life, and I absolutely love adventure. Through my years, I’ve been a journeyman, working in a wide variety of roles. There is not much that I can’t relate to in that sense, yet beautifully, each individual’s path is completely unique. I will never know exactly what it’s like to be another person, but I am so open to hearing and learning as much as possible about what makes you…you and where you want to go!

    Going back to school for counseling has been one of the best moves of my life. I have truly fallen in love with the profession. I consider it a gift and a blessing that I get to do this work and that clients trust me with their vulnerabilities, passions, and dreams. I struggled intensely in my past with sports, performance, and public speaking anxieties. It was to the point of being debilitating, but thank God there have been amazing people, counselors, teachers, and words of wisdom to help guide me along the way. I feel called to share what I’ve learned about tackling specific issues in life but also in sharing a non-judgemental space with my clients and bearing witness to their experiences. I call much of what I do “map-making”, helping clients take concepts, struggles, goals from the nebulous realm into clearer pathways.

    I have been doing yoga and meditation for many years and have found great therapeutic value in these practices. I firmly believe that proper boundaries can be absolutely beautiful and enhance relationships. Self-care and burnout prevention are also huge priorities in my own life and areas that I love working with clients on developing, maintaining, and growing.

    I am a down-to-earth counselor and will be honest and real no matter what!